Vine for Windows Phone updated with drafts support

Twitter’s video clip sharing app, Vine, has updated its Windows Phone application with support for drafts. The new feature makes it easier to create those six-second masterpieces. In order to use it all Viners have to do is do what they normally do in record whatever, then once they’re partly done follow these directions.

Tap the X at the top-left of the screen and a message will pop up asking if you want to save your masterpiece for later. If you’ve finished recording and tap the X it will simply ask you if you want to delete your video. To get back to a saved draft, just tap the icon that looks like a sheet of paper when in recording mode.

This is another example of Windows Phone being behind with features on its major apps, as Android and iOS Viners have been able to use this feature since October. I’m really not sure why Vine would carry out “drafts” without also including support for editing videos, which still remains missing on the app today.

Maybe the Windows Phone version will get the video editing feature in the next update, when that is-is anyone’s guess.


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