Hot Deal: $50 Off Verizon Moto X Until Dec. 31st, Bamboo Option Included

If you’ve been holding off on buying a Moto X on Verizon’s network, now’s a better time than ever to cash in on a deal from Big Red. Verizon is offering $50 off of the Moto X when purchased through MotoMaker, running from today until the end of the year. That brings the 16GB Moto X down to $49 with a new two-year contract. Not bad at all.

The $50 off deal also includes the Bamboo Moto X, which tacks a $100 on to the price of the Moto X if chosen. That brings the 16GB Bamboo backed Moto X down from its price of $199 to $149.

MotoMaker has been showing a 20 shipping time for the Bamboo Moto X, and is displaying a six-day wait today. That means that a Bamboo Moto X purchased today will arrive on Christmas day. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Head over to MotoMaker to design your Moto X and save yourself $50. The deal is available on checkout, and will pop up automatically after you have gone through the checkout process. The deal runs until December 31st, so order yours before the ball drops.

via: Droid-Life

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