Moto X MotoMaker Appears IRL as Interactive Ad in WIRED

Google is throwing in the kitchen sink to promote Motorola’s Moto X, creating an amazing interactive ad that appears in WIRED’s January print magazine. The ad is essentially a stripped down real-life version of MotoMaker, the online tool that allows customers to customize their Moto X handsets. When a user taps one of the color options on the bottom of the magazine page, the Moto X in the middle of the ad will change its color. Pretty nifty, huh?

The ad utilizes tiny LEDs to create the color changes, and its a great proof of concept for those who haven’t tried out Motorola’s MotoMaker online tool.

The ad is only showing up in certain Wired issues, namely those in Chicago and New York, according to Mashable.

The Moto X recently received a Bamboo option through MotoMaker, and Moto X customers who purchase the Verizon variant can save $50 on its purchase from now until December 31st.

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