WhatsApp hits 400 million monthly active users, gains 100 million in 4 months

WhatsApp’s continued growth of active users has increased to an insane number. The leading social messaging app announced today that it has surpassed the 400 million active user mark in just four months. It’s hard to wrap your mind around the speed in how the company is growing, especially given how small it is.

If you’re BlackBerry this news only hammers the nail in further for your struggling messenger app. Last time BBM had momentum it spoke about how it obtained 10 million downloads of its app in 24 hours two months ago. BlackBerry is said to have less than 100 million active users globally, so it’s safe to say they are laughably behind in this market.

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  • James Vincent

    I downloaded bbm. It lasted a week. Whatsapp is the only one I wanna know.

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