T-Mobile To Unleash UnCarrier 4.0 Plans At CES

T-Mobile has been making waves with its UnCarrier strategy, and it doesn’t look like it has plans to stop anytime soon. Most recently, the company has begun to send out invitations for its latest announcement during CES this year.

It looks like T-Mobile is readying another part of its strategy to make it even more appealing as a carrier. When the US’ fourth largest carrier has the ability to shakeup the industry and make larger carriers react with plans like Next and Edge, you know that team magenta is doing something right.

With services like Jump! already in full swing, we could only imagine what T-Mobile has up it’s sleeve for 2014. All we know is that the invitation itself says, “This one you aren’t gonna believe.” Magenta is likely right, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for T-Mobile customers.

Have any guesses as to what T-Mobile could be announcing this year at CES? What would it take for you to switch over to Team Magenta if you’re not currently a T-Mobile customer? Sound off in the comments below!

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