Meizu to enter the US market next year?

Meizu to enter the US market next year?

Looks like Meizu is looking for bold expansion moves. According to UnwiredView, instead of going to other parts of Asia, Europe and Latin America first – the Chinese vendor is gunning for the U.S. market with plans to showcase its devices at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas.

The company’s flagship smartphone, MX3 (pictured above), will be on display at the big show, but we also expect to see their earlier products like MX2, as well.

While that’s all nice, getting to the U.S. isn’t that easy. Meizu could setup an online shop for its products but that would give it just a fraction of customers. The real deal is getting operators to sell your gear. If it could corner some of the major carriers, it’s onto something. Alas, even the bigger players like Huawei couldn’t do this.

We hope to see Meizu in the West and are also looking that its archrival, Xiaomi, will follow closely. Yeah, we expect an awesome show in Vegas…

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