Snapchat for iOS Gains New Features: Replay, Filters, Overlays and Front-Facing Flash

Everyone’s favorite photo and video sharing app Snapchat has received a few new features for fans using an iOS device. The disappearing message app now has some cool new features including the ability to view a snap after it has already been viewed.

Snapchat is reportedly between major updates, and the development team rolled out the new features to tide fans over until the bigger update rolls out in the near future. Features included in the most recent update include filters, the ability to see a previously viewed snap (just once a day, though) and an overlay which slaps time stamps, weather and even speed on to messages. Also included is a software flash for the front camera, which works by displaying a white screen while taking a selfie. You can also now pick up to 7 best friends for an easier way to reply to those disappearing messages.

To use the new features, they must be activated by navigating to the additional services area of the app, which is accessible through the settings pane.

Check out the new features for Snapchat on iOS, and let us know what you think of them!

via: TNW

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