Top 5 Phones Launching in 2014

Top 5 Phones Launching in 2014

And yet again we’re looking forward to an interesting year ahead. We wanted to share which are the most highly anticipated phones we expect to see announced during 2014, while also speculating what each of them will be all about. So let’s roll…

iPhone 6

As that’s usually the case with Apple’s products, we expect them to get more attention than competing devices. iPhone 6 won’t be an exception, quite the contrary. Next year, Apple is taking its revolutionary step forward. Instead of building on the iPhone 5s, it will likely unveil something much better. We expect that the next iPhone will have a slightly bigger screen while keeping its pocketable body. Perhaps the Cupertino guys will go for 4.2 inch display, perhaps something even bigger. We can’t really tell at the moment. But yet again, we’re confident the iPhone 6 to sell like hot cupcakes.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Keeping to its tradition, Samsung will unveil the next-gen Galaxy S device at its own event in May. Or April. We doubt we’ll see the Galaxy S5 before that. We may, however, see an improved version of the Galaxy S4 released globally in the meantime, and that model will rock Snapdragon 800, rather than 600 (or Exynos 5) found in current models. The Galaxy S5 may come with a 2K screen, 3GB of RAM, and 32 or 64 GB of internal storage.

Nexus 6

The next Nexus will likely be released closer to the end of the year, yet again offering an amazing value for the money. It will have the top-end specs, launching alongside the latest version of Android. By the time this phone is ready, we’re hoping Google will have that Key Lime Pie up and running.


LG will use the second half of 2014 to launch its own high-end smartphone. Just like the Galaxy S4, it too will boast a 2K screen along with the fastest chip available on the market. That could be Snapdragon 805 or something even faster, presuming it [chip] launches by that time. 3GB of RAM, a ton of built-in storage, and a top-end camera with 16-megapixel sensor and optical image stabilization are all expected to come included in the G3.


The HTC One successor is an important device for the Taiwanese handset maker. It will pretty much decide the future of HTC. If they fail to impress, they stand a chance of becoming irrelevant. HTC knows this and will make sure to deliver on that front. We’ve already mentioned what we expect to see from this phone in a separate post; I’ll only add that we’ll likely see it launched during the first quarter of next year.

And more

We also expect to see some cool devices from Sony and Chinese companies, including Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Oppo and Meizu. The last three are set for global expansion and they could easily cut margins from the rest of the players, offering top-end specs for a fraction of the price. These guys are super efficient but it remains to be seen whether they can make deals with major mobile operators.

Now which of these you’re looking forward to?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    If Apple could make a bigger-screen iPhone, I would be all for it. ūüôā

  • Alex Spams

    Not even a Nokia…

  • Nunya

    Key lime pie? Kit Kat already came out

  • If Apple could make a bigger-screen iPhone…

  • The Man In The Suit

    Where is Note IV on the list ?

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