Is this a screenshot from Nokia’s dual-SIM Moneypenny smartphone?

Nokia's dual-SIM Moneypenny smartphone

You may’ve heard that Nokia is working on a number of new Lumia smartphones, including the two that wear the James Bond-related codenames – Goldfinger and Moneypenny. And what you can see here is apparently a screenshot taken from the second of the two (Moneypenny).

According to EVleaks, this will be a dual-SIM device that will be released in the emerging markets of the world. The two signal indicators at the top suggest this capability, and we also see the on-screen buttons for the OS (back, Start, search) at the very bottom of the screen. This in turn tells us the Moneypenny will run the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1, which (as we’ve told you before) supports this capability.

The Moneypenny may end-up selling as Nokia Lumia 630 or Lumia 635, sporting a 4.5-inch screen and a price tag of some $130. Its launch date is still a mystery but we do hope to see it unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Stay tuned…

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