ZX Spectrum Bluetooth keyboard raising funds at Kickstarter

ZX Spectrum Bluetooth keyboard raising funds at Kickstarter

I’m old enough to remember the “good ol’ days” when most kids played on their ZX Spectrum computers. At least kids in my neighborhood… until some of us got Commodore 64, but that’s another story.

Now a British company called Elite wants to bank on this once-popular computer and has started a crowd-funding campaign to finance the development of a ZX Spectrum clone. The device they want to make, however, isn’t a full-blown computer but a Bluetooth keyboard that only looks like Sinclair’s legendary computer. As such, the [Bluetooth] keyboard will be able to connect to pretty much any modern smartphone which users can then connect to their TVs to get the original Spectrum experience.

In order to get your unit, you’ll have to pay at least £50, which seems like pocket change compared to what you’ll get in return – a short trip to your childhood. That’s at least the way I see things.

Elite is looking to raise £60,000 and we can only hope they’ll manage to reach that goal. Here’s a short video made to convince you to support this project

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Ah, memories. Spectrum used to rock. 🙂

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