iPhone Mini coming next year?

iPhone Mini concept

It’s about time Apple launches the iPhone Mini next year. We don’t have any inside information and this is really me speculating. Here’s why I think that will happen: iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen than the iPhone 5! This in turn will open space for launching a smaller and more affordable iPhone.

Not everyone likes big devices and Apple wants to serve this community just as well. Plus let’s not forget the emerging (and fast-growing) markets where Apple could pitch this smaller iPhone as a low-cost ticket to the iOS world.

The iPhone Mini could be as big as the iPhone 4 with specs that are on par with the iPhone 4S. Perhaps it will get a faster chip along the way so it can run the iOS 7 apps, and a polycarbonate body to keep the cost down. So by the end of the year we may have the iPhone 6 (or the “new iPhone”) and iPhone Mini available from the Cupertino-based company. If we can take Apple’s history for something, they’re already moving in this direction. What do you think?

[iPhone Mini concept was designed by Martin Hajek]

  • Abs of Flabs

    The 5C was supposed to be the “more affordable/low cost” iPhone. We all saw how that turned out.

    • MacD

      As far as the 5C … nothing has “turned out” yet (Jan. 2014) !!!
      What an idiotic thing to say at this point !

  • MacD

    An iPhone mini would be a perfect companion for the iWatch …. a base phone small enough to carry in a small pocket, and bluetooth linked to “wearable” connection devices (iWatch, ibracelet, iRing, ?, etc.).

  • Ike

    I’d like to see an iDevice that is the same size as the iPod touch, but with a quad-band GSM/EDGE modem and at least 24 hours talk time / 30 days standby time. Something that can compete directly against the Nokie 515 & Nokie 301.

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