LG has a wearable device in the pipeline

LG has a wearable device in the pipeline

LG don’t want to be left out from the smart watch race, and may launch its own such product at some point next year.

According to Korea Herald, the company will unveil a G-Arch smart watch and G-Health fitness band alongside its next flagship smartphone, LG G3.

The paper goes on to suggest that we may see these new goodies launching as early as February, when the Korean giant will announce them from the floor of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Needless to say, LG didn’t want to confirm or deny a thing. When asked by Engadget about its plans, the company simply said that it does have a “wearable product” in the pipeline. No dates were mentioned, though I’m sure some of the things will be leaked in the weeks and months to come. Naturally, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat…

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