LG’s Upcoming WebOS Smart TV Leaked Ahead Of CES Announcement

WebOS, the bastard mobile operating system that seemingly no company can do good with has finally resurfaced again. While Palm nor HP could bring the OS into the limelight again, even with its simple and elegant UI, but early last year LG decided to take on the challenge and implement webOS into smart televisions. Well, as you can see above, the webOS based smart TV you see above is indeed real and should be coming to us in the form of an official announcement during CES.

Thanks again to @evleaks, we have our first glimpse as to what the new webOS smart TV will look like.


While the card UI layout could be hidden elsewhere in the TV, things have changed quite a bit since we last saw WebOS running on a device of any kind. In either case, the screen we see above is rather inviting, even if it might have a small Android TV-like quality to it.

As you’d expect in most smart TVs, you’ll find an assortment of applications for the TV. YouTube, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and more are already accounted for, and there’s likely many more on the way.

If a webOS based smart TV is something you’ve been looking forward to seeing, then you’ll be able to hear more about the product next week, when it’s expected to be announced.

Has webOS finally found a home that it deserves to be in or should it have died off with the TouchPad?

Hey, at least Tamara Hope isn’t coming back.

[Twitter via TheVerge]

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