New Year’s Wish: iPhone with a bigger screen

iPhone with a bigger screen

I’m an Android user. I like the iPhone but its screen is too small. It was ok when it was launched but it’s petite by today’s standards. I know Apple fanboys and fangals will hate me for saying this, but I’m also sure they’ll change their minds the second Apple unveils a new iPhone with bigger display. Suddenly they’ll realize “bigger is better” to some extent. Cause I’m also not a big fan of phablets. Simply put, they are too big for me. Some folks love them, though.

So I would like to see a bigger iPhone. And check this out – if Apple could make it rock a 4.5-inch screen, I would be willing to switch platforms. That’s right, I would say – “Good by Android, hello iPhone!” I’m kinda sick with many accessories being available only for Apple’s handset. I want that benefit, too.

Some of the accessories I would love to have are soon-to-be-launched Typo Keyboard Cover and that case with built-in projector. I don’t need that projector all the time, but when I need it – I want to have it pretty much integrated in my phone; as opposed to having a separate projector accessory.

There are also some fancy, barely noticeable cases, stands and that slide-out keyboard case I would like to try. Many of these aren’t available for other devices.

Finally thought: I’ve already talked about the iPhone Mini. The way I see things, if Apple does launch a bigger iPhone, it would set the stage for launching the iPhone Mini, which could pretty much be the iPhone 4S with some tweaks under the hood. Sounds like a plan if you ask me… And you don’t. 😉

[iPhone 6 mockup by ADR Studio]

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