How To Access the Moto X’s Hidden LED Light

Well what do you know, it looks like the Moto X has had a notification LED all along! Thanks to an XDA thread spotted by Droid-Life, we now know of its existence and how you can activate it yourself. It takes a little gumption and root to activate though, but that won’t be a problem for you will it?

And where exactly is this mystery LED hidden? Right under our ears. The green LED lies just underneath the speaker, and was intended by its maker, Motorola, to only flash when the battery is critically low. Like can’t power on the screen and display the low battery icon low. What a waste!

XDA user carock invented a way to access the green LED, using Tasker as the method of injecting code. You will also need root to compete the task, so if your device is unrooted, you may want to tackle this task when you have a little bit of spare time. When you’re ready to root your Moto X, just do a simple web search as many video tutorials are available.

So, go on then! Check out the video below for a step by step guide to accessing your Moto X LED notification light. Check out the XDA thread here.

via: Droid Life

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