Apple acquires Snappylabs, the company behind the burst photo app Snappycam

Apple acquires Snappylabs

Apple continues acquiring small companies left and right. Their latest target is Snappylabs, which makes the burst photo app Snappycam. The mentioned application enables super fast burst photography and can capture up to 30 or even 60 frames per second. That’s much more than the included Camera app that can handle “only” 10 fps. So it’s kinda clear Apple is looking to further enhance the default Camera app with more powerful feature set.

Following the acquisition, the Snappycam app has been pulled from the AppStore, and the chances are we won’t be seeing it returning any time soon. Rather, we’ll have to wait for the whole platform update to get few new camera features (among other things).

Speaking of which [camera features], the entire mobile industry is looking at this field to make its products more appealing to the end-users. The likes of HTC, Samsung, LG and Nokia are all trying their best to make the perfect camera phone. We’ll see which company will end-up winning this race…

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