Potential Samsung TouchWiz Refresh Looks Great In New Leak

Samsung TouchWiz is one of the most familiar custom user interfaces on Android, but it may be in for a dramatic redesign in the future. Thanks to none other than @evleaks, a few screenshots of what could potentially be the next version of TouchWiz have leaked out, and it’s looking pretty good.

While Sammy’s TouchWiz eventually found its own aesthetic, it started as a pure iOS rip off. Now, with more features than the average user will ever know what to do with, TouchWiz has evolved in many ways, all while remaining relatively intuitive. But the new UI you see here is a dramatic departure of the “inspired by nature” scheme we’ve seen since the debut of the Galaxy S III.

The icons, color scheme, and general look and feel are not only unique, but don’t scream Samsung. This is a very good thing. The photos above look a bit on the artsy side, with the middle shot offering up a card-like view that somewhat resembles HTC’s Blinkfeed.

Whether or not this will be coming to existing devices, or devices at all, remains to be seen. For all we know, this is just a simple mockup of a UI Samsung was playing around with, but we hope it’s not. Of course, since it’s coming from @evleaks, we’re hopeful that this new UI for Samsung devices will eventually materialize.

What do you think of the shots above?

[Via: Twitter]

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