Sony: 9.7 Million PS4 Games Sold, 90% Increase in Playstation Plus Subscriptions

Sony has been killing it lately. Just today, we found out that PS4 sales are ahead of Xbox One sales by 1.2 million (in 2013) and we were finally treated to the official announcement of Playstation Now, Sony’s cloud gaming service. Well, there are a couple more tidbits you might find interesting, but it has nothing to do with console sales or cloud gaming.

Since it’s debut, 9.7 million PS4 games have been purchased. Be it physical discs or games bought on PSN, these numbers put the number of games per PS4 unit sold at 2.3. Pretty impressive. That’s not all, though. Sony also saw a 90% increase of Playstation Plus subscriptions since the launch of the new console. It was also revealed that there have been 1.7 million game broadcasts from the PS4, collectively tallying up to over 55 million broadcasted minutes to Twitch.TV and UStream.

It’s important to keep in mind that these numbers are also within the same time frame as the PS4 console sales, so December 28th to the present have yet to be accounted for. Given how impressive these numbers are, we’d be willing to bet that the unaccounted days will have game sales over the 10 million mark.

Between the newly announced Xperia Z1s , Xperia Z1 compact, Playstation Now, and the success of the PS4 so far, it looks like Sony is setting itself up for a fantastic 2014.

[Via: IGN]

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