ZTE Open C and Open II to join Firefox OS line-up

ZTE Open C and Open II to join Firefox OS line-up

Even though ZTE Open is not selling like hot cupcakes, the Chinese company plans to keep supporting Mozilla’s efforts in the mobile space. In fact, it is preparing to launch at least two new Firefox OS phones this year, ZTE Open C and Open II.

Unfortunately we don’t know what these two are all about, but we as far as I’ve understood they will be more powerful than the original ZTE Open, which was rather an entry-level affair. In fact, Mozilla talked about high-end and dual-core handsets, which could potentially make its platform viable to users in the West (as opposed to emerging markets).

In addition, we’re hearing that Mozilla is also looking at the tablet market and will soon provide partners with access to resources and reference hardware, which is apparently made by Foxconn.

Again, we don’t have the key details like availability information, but the chances are Mozilla (and its partners) will yet again start with emerging markets and steadily grow from there. We’ll be on the lookout for new bits of information and let you know as soon as we have something new to add. Stay tuned…

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