CES 2014: Q4 2013 T-Mobile’s Best Quarter in 8 Years, Uncarrier 4.0 Announced

John Legere is doing something very right. On stage in Las Vegas, the T-Mobile CEO has just announced the Q4 2013 financial numbers for the magenta carrier. And they’re staggering. Q4 2013 was the best quarter T-Mobile has seen in eight long years.

Going back just a year ago, T-Mobile was struggling to stay alive, with no reliable LTE network and losing customers by the hundreds. This year, thanks to some very interesting and bold moves by the company, T-Mobile racked up over 1.645 million net customer adds, 809,000 of them being post-paid. That’s 60% higher than previous quarters in 2013.

On top of that, T-Mobile has announced its Uncarrier 4.0 move, which quite literally buys customers out of their existing contracts. T-Mobile will offer up to $350 towards a new customer’s ETF providing they trade in their current smartphone and begin a new plan with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile’s Uncarrier event is still going strong in Las Vegas, so check back with us for more updates as they unfold.

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