LG G Flex Coming to Credo Mobile

Credo Mobile has made its business on offering up the phones people want with a social conscience. The San Francisco based company donates portions of its proceeds to progressive causes such as Planned Parenthood, the Rainforest Action Network, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Now another hot new phone is making its way to the carrier, the LG G Flex!

Credo will be getting LG’s curved smartphone soon, though a specific date wasn’t given. It joins Apple’s iPhone 5s and Google’s Nexus 5 among the high-end phones offered by the sub-carrier. Credo piggybacks on Sprint‘s network along with Boost mobile. But it gives its customer the opportunity to have the hot new phones while still putting their mobile dollars towards the causes they believe in.

For more details about Credo and the LG G Flex the company’s announcement follows below:

CREDO Mobile, SF-based MVNO, Announces it Will Offer Curved-Screen LG G Flex Smartphone

San Francisco, CA – CREDO Mobile, one of the largest and oldest MVNOs in the country, announced today that it will soon offer the LG G Flex to new and existing customers. CREDO Mobile will be adding the LG G Flex to its current lineup of iconic smartphones. The curved-screen LG G Flex is the first smartphone on the market equipped with a curved battery.

CREDO Mobile, a MVNO based in San Francisco, California, is not your typical cell phone company. CREDO Mobile donates a percentage of its customers’ monthly charges to progressive nonprofit groups. Politically progressive consumers who are looking to get a new smartphone that reflects their values can sign up with CREDO Mobile and generate donations to social change nonprofit groups. To date, CREDO has donated $75 million to progressive nonprofits such as Electronic Frontier Foundation, Planned Parenthood and Rainforest Action Network.


[Via: Credo]

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