Samsung and Apple Agree to Mediation in Longstanding Patent Suit

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his counterpart at Samsung, Oh-Hyun Kwon, have entered into talks around the patent dispute that’s been rumbling between the two tech giants for years. The mediation between the two CEOS will occur outside of court, and will hopefully circumvent yet another round of hearings.

Reuters reported the mediation sessions will begin by February 19th, and Legal teams from both companies are preparing. If a settlement can be reached from the talks, another protracted court battle can be avoided. However a March court date is already set, should the talks fail.

Samsung and Apple’s battle over patents has been going on for years, across multiple countries. The companies have been to trial twice in the last two years. Both trials occurred at the San Jose, California Federal court. So far juries have awarded Apple a total of roughly $930 million from Samsung. Samsung, of course, has appealed the ruling.

Reuters reported that Apple has paid its leading law firm close to $60 million in its battle with Samsung. Both companies are understandable eager to put an end to the legal wrangling, if possible.

[Via: Reuters] [IMG: CultofMac]

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