ZTE Eco-Mobius modular phone concept on display at CES

ZTE Eco-Mobius modular phone concept on display at CES

ZTE wants to enter the modular phones market. During CES, they had its own Eco-Mobius concept at display. However, it wasn’t available for hands-on action; rather it was locked behind the glass with ZTE representatives opting to provide information, instead.

It’s clear that the Chinese firm has a long road ahead before Eco-Mobius is ready for prime time. Meanwhile, we’ve learned that once this phone is out, it will allow users to easily change a camera module, chipset, the amount of RAM and storage. As far as I’ve understood, you’ll be stuck with the default screen size, though.

Needless to say, ZTE isn’t the first vendor looking into modular phones. As far as we (don’t) know, Motorola will be the first handset maker to offer different kinds of phone customizations with its Project Ara. Moreover, Xiaomi may also be working on something similar and we’re certain that few other companies are also exploring the concept.

That said, we hope to see the first modular phones launching later this year, and perhaps we got to play with some units at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat…

[Via: TheVerge]

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