Analyst Claims New iPhones To Sport 4.7 Inch And 5.5 Inch Screens

Apple looking to increase gold iPhone 5s production

Apple shipping an iPhone with a larger display isn’t a new rumor in any way, but the company just may be offering such devices this year. The latest claim by Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian J. White not only says that Apple may ship a 4.7 inch iPhone in 2014, but also a 5.5 inch iPhone as well.

We all know that Apple likes to take its sweet ass time to implement features that users want, but it ultimately works out, due to its on point execution. 2013 was a time of change for Apple. With a iOS facelift and the new iPhone 5C under its belt, we may indeed see the company announce a flagship device that can match the size of so many Android and Windows Phone handsets today.

While it’s believable enough that Apple would eventually offer up an iPhone with a larger display, an iPhone phablet device is intriguing to say the least. For Apple to jump into a market that it’s arch nemesis carved out of nothing is also interesting: phablets are everywhere now, and while an Apple phablet is going to impress a ton of people, it’s hardly new territory. Nonetheless, Apple will likely have a trick or two up its sleeve if it’s going to produce a smartphone/tablet hybrid. One thing we wouldn’t expect to see in an Apple phablet is a S-Pen Stylus, that’s for damn sure.

With iPhone 5s still a wildly popular device today, White also believes that the two new iPhones will be announced separately, with the phablet possibly launching in late 2014.

Now for a quick reality check. Just because Mr. White believes that the two large-screened iPhone are on the roadmap really means nothing. As said above, we’re not in short supply of such rumors, and the analyst is essentially reiterating rumors that we’ve already heard. Only time will tell.

For all of you iPhone owners out there, do you want to see a larger screen or are you happy enough with the 4 inch display on the current generation handset?

[StreetInsider via TechnoBuffalo]

  • Jok3sta

    Watch how many of the Isheep who cursed and mocked the size of android phones/phablets jump on the large screen bandwagon now. And then 4 years down the line, they are going to claim apple did it first..

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