Garmin Vivofit unveiled to take on Fitbit

Garmin Vivofit unveiled to take on Fitbit

These days, major companies are looking at our wrists with dollar signs in their eyes. Not only do they want us to buy their fitness-tracking gear, but they also want us to lead a healthy lifestyle. Or it’s the other way round – we want to lead a healthy lifestyle and they want to provide us with tools for making that task easy to manage.

One way or another, we see such a growing number of such products. The newly unveiled LG LifeBand Touch and Sony SmartBand join the already established Fitbit, and now another company is looking at this space for growth.

It’s Garmin, which Vivofit is made to work like many similar devices. It will track both your exercise and sleeping patterns to make sure you get the best of life and live for 100 years. Or something in between.

Garmin’s baby doesn’t want to just track your progress, it will also encourage and “nudge” you to exercise more, moving “at the pace of your life.” For instance, if you have been inactive for more than a hour, you’ll be reminded it’s about time to get up and walk for few minutes.

Your “sleeping” data will be collected as well, allowing you check your total sleep hours, as well as periods of movement and restful sleep while in bed.

The Vivofit is (obviously) water resistant, weighing less than 25 grams and sporting a battery that can apparently last for more than a year. It will be available in two versions – the basic band will go for $129.99, while the model with integrated heart rate monitor will cost $169.99. Both versions should start selling later this quarter…

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