iPhone 6’s camera to come with Optical Image Stabilization?

iPhone 6's camera to come with Optical Image Stabilization?

Although iPhone comes with solid camera, it leaves room for improvements. Apple knows this and is working on upgrading its camera technology as we speak.

According to Unwired View, which caught the Cupertino company’s patent with USPTO, the next iPhone’s camera could have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) capability that would deliver better low-light photos and improved video recording.

Optical Image Stabilization is currently found in few Nokia Lumia smartphones as well as the LG G2 and Nexus 5. Chances are the list of OIS-enabled devices will expand later in the year.

Apple on its end plans to use voice coil motor actuators to move the camera lens in various directions around the optical axis to provide better autofocus and OIS. Here’s what its patent filing says:

Actuator module may have integrated therein a mechanism to provide the AF function and a mechanism to provide the OIS function. The AF mechanism is configured to both move the lens along the optical axis and actively tilt the lens. The lens tilt may be used to compensate for parasitic lens movements due to, for example, tilting of the device within which actuator module is implemented. The OIS mechanism is configured to move (e.g., shift) the lens in directions orthogonal to the optical axis to correct for handshake motions in the center of the image. By shifting, as opposed to tilting the entire camera (e.g., the lens and image sensor together as a rigid body), the associated image sensor substrate can remain stationary, substantially simplifying both camera manufacture, size and packaging in the mobile electronic device.

While we don’t have this confirmed, we’re looking forward to get this new camera technology in the upcoming iPhone 6, which should be unveiled in the second half of the year.

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