Steve Wozniak is a Xiaomi Mi3 owner!

Steve Wozniak is a Xiaomi MX3 owner!

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has recently visited Xiaomi HQ, with Hugo Barra sharing the news (and a photo) via Facebook. Woz is not only impressed with what Xiaomi guys and gals are doing, but is also a proud owner of the company’s flagship smartphone, Mi3.

That said we’re not sure why in the world he opted for this phone when he could buy any other device out there. Don’t get me wrong – the Xiaomi Mi3 is an impressive device but it lacks U.S. LTE connectivity support, meaning that Woz is stuck to HSPA+ speeds when using his Mi3.

The company that is often referred to as Apple of China has been growing like crazy in recent years, gathering the huge following in its own backyard. Their next step is to expand to other markets and we may easily see their products hitting various Western countries later this year. Meanwhile, Xiaomi is going for other parts of Asia and has recently opened a Facebook page to target users in Singapore. It remains to be seen where they’ll go from there…

[Via: GizChina]

  • anon

    Did you even check the phone you wrote about? You might want to get your facts straight. Xiaomi= Mi3 & Meizu= MX3. intomobile=Fail

    • Dusan Belic

      Tired. Sorry. Fixing… 🙂

  • Glen Rivett

    My point exactly,the xiaomi mx3 ?????

  • flamencoguy

    You assume that if a phone does not have LTE then it is not worth buying. You seemed to have insulted Wozniak on his decision. He probably has dozens of phones. Perhaps you walk around all the time with your eyes on your phone. HSPA is good enough unless you are downloading files every minute!!!!!!
    I have a Zopo zp980! I love it. I save my money for other things in life.

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