Gamer Has ‘Black Swan’ Moment In New Xbox One Ad

We’re all very aware that the Xbox One and Playstation 4 offer up some incredibly realistic visuals in the latest titles for the consoles, but apparently Microsoft thinks it hasn’t made it’s point yet. In its latest ad for the Xbox One, Microsoft wants to show just how “real” playing the new console can be. Complete with awful tagline.

The video below shows a gamer in the bathroom drinking water from the faucet, only to be met with gashes across his chest, head and hand when he looks in the mirror. Said cuts disappear, and the gamer does what just about anyone with a crumbling sense of reality would do. Go back to playing the game that gave him such hallucinations. Nina Sayers and this guy should totally meet.

To top it off, Microsoft’s tagline for the ad is pretty lame. “If it were any more real, it would be real.”

So, if you’re looking to develop psychosis, be sure to grab a Xbox One.

[Via: Kotaku]

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