Smartphone concept shows the ability to receive light-based data

Smartphone concept shows the ability to receive light-based data

Oledcomm was just one of the exhibitors at this year’s CES. What makes this company interesting is its technology that allows computers and mobile devices to receive light-based data.

The so called LiFi facilitates high-speed data transmission via pulsating light sources that, at the same, time appear static to the naked eye. It’s designed to serve as a one-way communication channel between brands and consumers, and in that sense the company is hoping to install this technology in stores around the world. The proposed usage scenarios include in-store advertising and indoor geolocation. Two-way communication is also possible, though.

The problem, however, is that today’s smartphones lack receivers that would process this data. And during CES, Oledcomm demoed few concept devices equipped with these sort of sensors.

The way I see it, this technology will hardly find place in mobile devices any time soon. The demo that was on display in Vegas showed data transfer rates of 10Mpbs, which is faster than Bluetooth but slower than Wi-Fi (Direct). Moreover, light-based sources require visibility whereas radio waves can work even when a device is kept in one’s pocket or purse.

That said, I don’t see LiFi as a mainstream technology. Rather, it could be adopted for use in some special cases which at the moment are hard to envision. Perhaps that indoor geolocation makes sense, though. What do you think?

[Via: Engadget]

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