Top 5 Devices of the CES 2014

CES 2014 summary

Another CES is behind us. We’ve seen a number of new devices unveiled at the show and here we want to sum it all up, highlighting the top 5 devices we think deserve a special credit. Although we’ve picked just the 5 of them, they are presented in no particular order and we also want to provide the reason why each of the devices is on the list. So let’s roll…

New Samsung tablets

Samsung new Galaxy tablets

Samsung unveiled a total of four new tablets in Vegas, including three Galaxy TabPRO and the Galaxy NotePRO. With these new models, the Korean giant is yet again re-affirming itself as a leading maker of Android-based slates. The 8.4-inch model will likely outsell all other tablets in the series due to its lower cost and portability. On the other hand, we’re sure the big 12.2-inchers will also find their customers among professionals and specific business segments. No matter how powerful the TabPRO 12.2 and NotePRO are, a majority of users will find them too big. And expensive.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

If you’re on the market looking for the best “Mini” devices, this is the phone to get. Specs wise, it’s much better than any competing product, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One Mini. In fact, it’s pretty much the same Xperia Z1 under the hood, with a smaller HD (as opposed to full HD) screen. We love it and we tend to think this model will easily turn into a best-seller for the Japanese company.

Asus Padfone X

ASUS Padfone X

The main news here is that Padfone is finally coming to the U.S. Sure, it was available in its unlocked form for years, but this time round – more users will want it with AT&T picking up part of the cost (as long as you commit on a two year contract). We’re hoping this won’t be the last Padfone sold in the country and that soon enough we’ll see Asus releasing the ever-useful keyboard dock. That part, for some reason, was missing from all units released after the original Padfone.

Asus Transformer Book Duet

Asus Transformer Book Duet

Multi-platform devices are coming. The Asus Transformer Book Duet is not the first such device by any stretch of imagination, but it’s getting us closer to that [multi-platform] dream. This laptop is made for heavy usage, boasting top-notch specs while allowing folks to use it both for business and leisure. It’s likely many other OEMs will follow-up with similar devices that merge Windows 8 and Android into a single device.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol X+

Alcatel IDOL X+

Alcatel’s entry into the high-end smartphone market is good news cause it will ultimately make these devices more affordable. The prices of the best smartphones were skyrocketing with each consecutive generation costing more than its predecessor. Sure enough, inflation has something to do with it, but not everything. Major handset makers are using the power of their brands to feed their greed. With the likes of Alcatel emerging into the West, we may see a slight reduction in prices. And what’s wrong with that?

And more…

We had to limit our list somehow, but we need to mention other notable devices and technologies. Here they are:

And that’s our summary. If you think we’ve missed something, feel free to let us know in the comments form below. 😉

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