This Google Glass app can prevent drivers from falling asleep

This Google Glass app can prevent drivers from falling asleep

Let’s face it. Some folks can fall asleep while driving long distances. Or while returning home from a hard day at work. The 2010 AAA report (PDF download) suggests 41% of all U.S. drivers admit to have “fallen asleep or nodded off” while driving.

That’s an alarming statistic which this Google Glass app wants to tackle. Called DriveSafe, it relies on an array of sensors to alert users if they nod at the wheel.

The application is still not available from Google’s MyGlass application, and in order to install it on your Glass you’ll have to sideload it. Once that part is done, all you have to do is speak “OK Glass, keep me awake,” and let the software do its magic.

God forbid, you do fall asleep, DriveSafe will alert you and guide you to the nearest rest stop for a break. Pretty neat, right?

But… Certain government structures may not like the idea of wearing Google Glass while driving. In fact, a women in California has recently been fined for wearing Glass while driving… which is weird to say the least… or so we think…

[Via: GigaOm]

  • Tojen1981

    This is where Glass could really shine. Add a thermal imaging sensor to Glass and be able to spot wildlife at night faster and easier. Use Glass to help spot traffic jams far enough ahead of time to take alternate routes. The advantages are endless.

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