Xbox One: Awesome Tricks You Didn’t Know It Could Do

Although the PS4 is selling faster than the Xbox One, Microsoft’s offering is more powerful than you’d think. The video below shows a few demos of some great things you can do with the Xbox One, given you have the appropriate equipment to do so.

Sean Ong posted the video on YouTube last week, and if you’ve wished your Xbox One had a few more tricks, your wish will be granted.

Take a look below!

Although you’ll need extra equipment to do some of the cool tricks Ong showcases in the video, the fact that you can do some of these things at all is pretty impressive. In fact, some people may be swayed from the PS4 after knowing some of these nifty tricks. Maybe. 

[Via: Kotaku]

  • Marlon

    Very cool, the Mirror device is fantastic, but I thought the Xbox was already capable of second screen display streaming e.g. watching movies etc. I didn’t know you’d need a mirror device to stream to your tablet. It’s also strange how this guy has to yell at his Xbox. From my front door, all I need to do is speak at conversational level, and the Xbox hears my request all the way in the living room. So, when I walk in, I just talk like I would to my wife “Xbox, on…” and by time I get there, it has heard me and turned on. Now, I can understand if, I came home and my wife was watching a movie really loud and I wanted to issue commands from the front door, at conversational level. It may take a few goes. I think this guy has to recalibrate his Kinect because he was standing right there, saying the word Xbox in normal sentences and the listening prompt did not come up once, unless, he yelled at it. My Xbox almost always pulls up the listen prompt, even when mentioning the Xbox in a sentence.

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