Box Offering 50GB of Free Storage for iOS Users

Looking for cloud storage? Look no further! Box is now offering 50GB of free storage to users of the iOS app. Box typically offers 5GB of free storage, and the update increases that tenfold to 50GB. New users of the Box app will automatically see the increased storage, and current users will simply need to sign out of the app and sign back in to get the storage increase. Box is offering this deal from now until February 15, 2014, so make sure to get the increased storage while you can.

If increased storage wasn’t enough, Box has redesigned its iOS app, including improvements above-board as well as under the hood. Documents and pictures will load quicker, search has been updated and icons have been reimagined for easier identification and access.

Here’s what’s new from the Box team in version 3.0.0:

  • Completely re-written app!
  • New navigation and redesigned UI
  • New preview experience for documents, photos and videos
  • Faster document rendering and photo loading
  • Real-time search (for files and within files)
  • Better sharing and controls
  • AirPrint, Bookmarks, and savings videos from Box to your library coming in future releases

Head over to the App Store and download the Box app for iOS and get yourself 50GB of free cloud storage!

via: mobileburn

  • Manish Gurung

    Hi there, this didn’t work on my iPad… removed, reinstalled & logged out several times. No luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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