Top Android Apps For Horror Fans

Smartphones and the horror genre don’t necessarily mix well unless we’re talking about phone theft or falling off of a pier while texting. While there is definitely a surplus of horror-based game titles in the Google Play store, the app selection for horror applications centering around news is lacking. We get that it’s a specific area for application development, but horror geeks need love too!

As a huge horror fan, spending countless hours watching movies of the genre, I decided to dig through the Google Play Store in search of applications that are centered around horror, whether they’re camera apps, news apps, etc. If you’re a horror fan, then get your phone ready to download some of the best applications you can find on the Google Play Store.

Hopefully you’ll have a healthy selection of apps to satisfy your genre craving after reading this.


Dread Central

Dread Central is one of the best websites online to keep you in the know about the horror genre, and the applications offers up quick access to the best of the site. Simple and straight forward, you can easily read through news, reviews, and even listen to Dread Central Podcast, Dinner for Fiends. This is a must-have app to get your horror fix.

Download Dread Central

Popcorn Horror

If you’re into indie or short horror films, you’re going to like Popcorn Horror. There are several short films to watch, along with downloadable wallpapers, news feed, and much more. It’s more than clear that the design of the application was very thought-out, and it looks great. Unfortunately, the application itself is rather slow at times and has several needless animations. Nonetheless, this is one solid app that you should check out if you want to watch unique short horror flicks!

Download Popcorn Horror

Best Horror Movies Database

Best Horror Movies Database is exactly what it sounds like: a database of horror movies. Still, the application has a few tricks of its own that might be worth the $1.99 pricetag for some of you out there. The vast library of movies allows you to filter movies by year, director, keywords, etc, and you can even stream *legal* classic horror flicks for free. If it’s not free, the application can point you to where you can watch the movie right then and there.

Download Best Horror Movies Database

SCP Foundation DB

If you haven’t heard of the SCP Foundation website, you have some homework. The SCP Foundation is a collection of user-generated stories under the guise of an organization that captures supernatural oddities across the globe. Written in a top-secret government document form, and with over 3,000 stories available, the SCP Foundation is on this list for good reason.

The SCP Foundation application simply puts the large database of stories from the website in application form. The entire database won’t be found on this application, but we’re sure you’ll find yourself having a good time reading the 1,000 available stories. Even better, the application downloads said stories to your phone for offline reading as well.

Download SCP Foundation DB

Horror Camera

While we’re pretty sure you’ve come across one of these applications before, Horror Camera is a fun app. The application allows you to add horror elements to any photo you take, whether it’s hands coming out to grab you, a creepy little girl in the corner, or the image of an apparition floating around you. Size and transparency are adjustable, allowing you to take somewhat convincing and wholly funny photos.

Download Horror Camera

Creepypasta Files

Creepypasta Files ia an application offers up a decent selection of stories found on the internet. Urban Legends, ghost stories and more can be found within the app, and are good for a quick read. In essence, Creepypasta stories are similar to SCP Foundation stories, but much more lax in execution and story format. If you got a creepy chain letter back in your AOL days, you’ll most likely find it on Creepypasta.

You won’t find all of the Creepypasta stories within this application, and there are several options available in the Google Play Store, but this should do the trick to get started.

Download Creepypasta Files

Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue is a popular horror magazine, similar to that of Fangoria. But this is no freebie. The Rue Morgue application simply serves as a spot to buy digital copies of the magazine, which usually ranges around $5 per issue, which isn’t bad at all. The Rue Morgue application also offers the latest issue of the magazine a week before it hits news stands!

Download Rue Morgue

So there’s our list of top Android applications for Horror fans. If there’s an application you think deserves to be on this list, be sure to sound off in the comments below!


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