HBO Totally Down With HBO Go Password Sharing

Have you been using a HBO Go password that’s not yours? It’s okay, you don’t have to feel shady about it any more. HBO is totally down with you sharing your password. In fact, they seem to like the idea. HBO CEO Richard Plepler, sounding like your normal run-of-the mill meth dealer stated, “We’re in the business of creating addicts” in a video interview with Buzzfeed. Interesting wording Mr. Plepler, and apparently you know us all too well.

It’s not like HBO isn’t mindful of the situation, though. Taking the “cool parent” approach, Plepler says HBO is aware of password sharing, but doesn’t really care about it. Apparently it doesn’t have much effect on their business at this point. Kind of like your mom telling you it’s cool to smoke pot, but only in the house where she can keep an eye on you. God knows how dangerous the streets (in this case BitTorrent) can be. Sounds good to me, I’m chilling at HBO’s spot for a bit.

HBO Go is currently available on mobile devices as well as a bevy of set-top boxes and gaming consoles. Unfortunately, getting an HBO Go password requires an actual HBO cable subscription. If HBO really wanted to be the coolest parent on the block, they would provide a subscription plan which included only HBO Go. That could be coming, but it doesn’t look like HBO’s chomping at the bit to make that move.

So there you go folks, it’s totally cool to use someone else’s HBO Go password even if you don’t have a subscription. Makes sense, since lack of a HBO subscription doesn’t keep people from watching HBO content. Game of Thrones was one of the top pirated shows last year, and with Season 4 coming up, could grab that spot again. Let’s just hope HBO doesn’t change their minds and get all legit on us.

via: AVClub

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