Check Out These Hilarious Skyrim Mods

While Skyrim has been around for a while now, along with the modding community, some mods just never get old. There are a ton of mods to make the entire game visually appealing and much more. You can enhance your weapons, armor, and just about anything you could want, the joke mods are really worth checking out.

Take a look at some of the funniest Skyrim mods around below! After you’re done downloading all of these sweet mods, be sure to wind down with some COPS: Skyrim afterwards.

Download the Mods in this video below:

Call of TrainWiz 
Animated Larvae
Tamriel Under Water
Fart Dragon Shouts
Fun With Snow
Handheld Potato Device
Macho Dragons
Blow Up
Bear Musician


Download the Mods in from this video below:

Pony Dragons
Pony Horse Mod
Swearing mudcrab
No Spiders – Piderman Dition
A Trolling Troll with Trololol Song
Singing Autotune Bears 
Project P.E.W.
Skyrim Laugh Track 
Dance Animation
Fall of the Space Core

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