HTC One Successor May Land in March, Rock Twin-Sensor Camera

HTC One II to come with a switchable lens camera?

According to Bloomberg, HTC’s followup to their 2013 flagship the HTC One will be arriving in March, touting a twin-sensor camera and the newest Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 800. The next One is expected to have a 5 inch screen, a little bigger than the 2013 HTC One’s 4.7 inch display. The M8 is also rumored to rock 3GB of RAM, Sense 6.0 and LTE-Advanced connectivity.

Apparently, HTC isn’t getting too creative with the naming of the device. The HTC One successor, known as the M8 has been rumored to tout the name HTC One+ or HTC Two. The new report suggests that HTC will carry on the One name, with a similar design to last years model.

Will HTC be able to survive 2014 after a lackluster 2013? We shall see.

via: Bloomberg

  • Bob

    The newest chip is the s805

    • alexxx

      I must be the nerdiest phone geek, that I know lol, I got a smartphone and plan consolidating biz, store and repair shop, I have them all, and you can imagine I test them to extreme. My point is, all the flagships, all of them, have 2 years+ grace time upon their release where they aren’t really challenged with application environment and real-life use, even stress tests, because their CPUs, memory, etc is more than sufficient for a long time. It’s an overkill by a market players that don’t really know where to take this industry, yet. For the past 15 years of PDA revolution/evolution, HTC has been the real inovator and catalyst in this evolution. Guess what they are doing it better than ever, at their own pace, regardless of industry mammoths trying to crush them. What’s up with the hating on the hard working Taiwanese :-P!? Sorry for babbling, have a nice day!

  • alexxx

    Ian I am more excited about an HTC flagship release than any other, it feels like real Xmas in February. I can’t let go of old and now newly optimized One X(T3) to even get the new One(the LEGEND that’s out right now, unsurpassed in sophistication and modern design to-date). Size of it though made me hasitate, I don’t like the latest One coming with even bigger screen, I hope they reduced top & bottom bezel. But HTC doesn’t waste space on their flagship for nonsense and bblaaaankk desert of nothingness that takes 5 lightyears to cross, aka front of all the iPhones, LGs and all non-HTC Nexuses. HTC IS TO SMARTPHONES AS MICHAEL JACKSON IS TO POP CULTURE! Come ONN! BRING IT! Apple copied HTC since first iPhone. BRING ON THE NEXT ENTERPRISE, HTC! I’m cheering for my new 2 year investment/ head-turning 😛

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