LG G3 To Launch In May, G Pro 2 Coming Next Month?

With Samsung, Sony, and possibly HTC rumored to launch flagship devices early this year, LG may also be aiming for the same time frame. Last year, LG gave a decent amount of time between announcing the LG Optimus G Pro and the G2, but the rumored timeline, if correct, has been dramatically shortened.

The latest rumors claim that LG’s next flagship device, the G3, will launch on May 17th of this year, with the G Pro 2 launching as soon as next month. The latter of which is believable enough, given that the Optimus G Pro was announced in late January for Japan. Still, we are wondering what the rush is. Whether it’s a purely tactical ploy to bring the fight to the other flagship devices that are also expected to launch early this year, or if LG is just trying to give its new phone some time before the new iPhone is released, this is a good thing for customers. Or bad if you just picked up the G2.

The LG G3 is rumored to ship with a huge 5.5 inch QHD (1440 x 2560) display, 16 megapixel camera with OIS, and possibly the company’s own Odin processor instead of a Qualcomm offering. As far as the G Pro 2, rumors expect the display size of the phablet to be around 5.9 to 6 inches, and also share the same QHD resolution found on the G3.

While this is nothing but a personal preference, I’m hoping that the G3 doesn’t ship with such a large display. Making the next flagship smartphone’s display the same size as its previous generation phablet’s display doesn’t sound terribly appealing to me, even if the difference in size compared to the G2 is minimal. This would also be planting both the G3 and G Pro 2 firmly into phablet territory.

Of course, the rumors above are just that. Rumors. We’ll have to wait and see just what LG has up its sleeves this year, and we’re sure to hear something during MWC.

[Ubergizmo via PhoneArena]

  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period. They own this space so easily it’s comical.

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