Firefighting Developer Making Google Glass Useful by Creating Life-Saving Glassware

Google Glass is definitely an interesting piece of hardware with a myriad of possible uses, and can be used for much more than just entertainment purposes. Glass has an unlimited number of potential uses in the enterprise sector, and could help everyone from doctors performing complicated surgeries to firefighters struggling to save innocent people’s lives. A firefighter named Patrick Jackson has set out to do just that, making the future of Glassware that much brighter.

Patrick not only saves lives as a firefighter in Rocky Mount, North Carolina but writes programs as well, now focused on making Glassware which will help firefighters when up against a blaze. Patrick is developing Glassware which would alert firefighters to blazes, track hydrants, display building plans for structure fires and much more just by uttering, “OK, glass.” Due to the hands free nature of Google Glass, firefighters could complete a myriad of tasks just by using voice commands.

So, how is Patrick coming along with his Glassware development that will help the controversial Google Glass make its way onto the helmets of firefighter? Check out the video below to find out.

via: Google+

  • Tueksta

    People should stop thinking about glasses, and start thinking: gaming HUDs for serious offline use. When you think HUD, you don’t start to think, what kind of App you could write for google glass, but you’d think what information could be shown during which real life activity. Most sci-fi-writers get that right, so I guess too few people read sci-fi-books these days.

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