Microsoft should acquire Vuzix

Microsoft should acquire Vuzix

Google Glass is getting all the attention these days. The search giant pretty much pioneered the industry (or at least made it much more visible), which promises to yet again redefine the way we communicate with modern technology.

But Google is not the only game in town. There are other companies making smart glasses like Epson and Vuzix. And I think Microsoft should acquire Vuzix. Here’s why…

Presuming smart glasses do succeed and everyone starts using them, Microsoft will have to somehow make Windows communicate with them. Right now, the Redmond giant seems focused on mobile, but it needs to look beyond smartphones and tablets to stay relevant. Or so I think.

Vuzix used to be known for video playback glasses, which still account for a majority of their sales. However, it has been investing heavily in the emerging smart glasses industry, and is now working with the likes of NTT DoCoMo and SAP to push this technology to new places.. By acquiring them, Microsoft gets a head start in the nascent industry with all the tech know-how it needs to compete with Google.

Simply put – it makes a lot of sense to buy Vuzix rather than start from scratch. Sooner or later, smart glasses will become affordable and everyone will want to buy one. By acting now, Microsoft could make sure smart glasses are “ready for Windows” or even run Windows. Sounds like a plan, what do you think?

Before you answer that, let me add few other candidates which could benefit from the Vuzix acquisition: Apple,, Samsung and pretty much any other handset maker.

  • Thomas Weitzel

    Microsoft has a long way to go in their latest foray into hardware (the Surface) and with their strategy of using the same OS kernel across all device platforms I think they have their hands full currently with the form factors they have in place. For instance, I own a Surface Pro and it is great to be able to take my office with me but I find this device unusable without a keyboard and mouse.

    Plus, Vuzix can already has mastered HDMI to Windows based computers so many of their products are already Windows ready. I’m not really sure what Microsoft would bring to the table.

    If I were Microsoft, I would invest in making the XBOX compatible with the 3D form factors (such as the Vuzix Wrap and Oculus Rift style devices) first and foremost.
    I don’t think Vuzix is in any hurry to sell either. Earlier this year, they spun off their military applications of their technologies to focus on the consumer market which should allow them to invest further in their already very mature technology.

    It is my opinion that we are very close to the killer app that will ignite the VR and AR markets. Microsoft should focus on being device agnostic and device manufacturers should be free to target the most useful applications of their technologies.

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