This Samsung Galaxy S5 Render is Ugly as Hell

Most of the time, renders of new devices are awe-inspiring, conjuring up adjectives such as sleek, sexy and forward-thinking. A new render Samsung Galaxy S5 render spotted today is quite the opposite. Instead of showcasing innovation, this render causes constipation. Grody!

The new render comes from Dutch website, a site which has posted some truly awesome, detailed renders in the past. The render imagines a Galaxy S5 which keeps the plastic Galaxy S4 look but incorporates the Galaxy Note 3’s leather stitched back.

It’s really the back of the render that is bothersome. The leather doesn’t cover the whole back of the device, leaving the plastic case sticking out on the top and bottom of the leather. It looks downright disgusting, and makes the render look cheap and gaudy. And what is up with the white boxes on either side of the camera? One is clearly a flash, but the other is a mystery. If it is supposed to be another flash, it sure doesn’t look like it.

Aside from the crappy looking backside, the rest of the render is just ho-hum. It really doesn’t deviate much from the Galaxy S4, aside from the updated TouchWiz interface which graces the screen render.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been all but confirmed for a late March release, and is expected to be packed to the gills with nifty Samsung software features and may come in both plastic and aluminum variants.

Check out the renders below. What do you think of them? What would you like to see in the Galaxy S5? Fire off in the comments.

  • alexxx

    That is something only mother can love – I take it back already, it’s a freak. A Frankenstein. Won’t repeat your points it would be redundant. I really cannot find any samsung phone other than galaxy SII white to be enjoyable to use and hold. They are just oposite of sleek, modern and cool – I start feeling depressed. When I hold my HTC One X(dont have One, but it tops it) feels like I’m holding a Katana sword, compared to Samsung’s plastic knife. Just.don’t.cut it for me. Totally spoiled by HTC for anyone else 😛

  • tmxturuu

    holy S@#% this is one ugly mother

  • camera531

    Just a concept render, not the real thing…

    • TheBeeNet

      Exactly. Nothing to see here yet.

  • Krikaoli

    I just searched Galaxy S5 ugly as hell… found this… Indeed, it is ugly as hell this smartphone… Samsung, please just copy, do what you do best, don`t try to create a new concept by yourself…

  • arms999

    It may be ugly, but it’s still less ugly than actual thing

    • Logical Reason

      My thoughts exactly!

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