Samsung Galaxy S5 to sport multi-hovering capabilities?

Samsung Galaxy S5 to sport multi-hovering capabilities?

Another day, another Galaxy S5 rumor. The latest bit of information suggests that Sammy’s 2014 flagship will come with multi-hovering capabilities. This, in turn, will allow for a more natural touchless user interaction that will go beyond call accepting/rejecting and “Air View.”

According to G4Games which cites reports from Korea, Samsung will use Synaptics’ technology to enable 2-point hovering. Moreover, the same solution will enable improved accuracy and gesture detection, with the ability to receive hovering input from a distance of 15 to 30 mm.

The alleged Samsung insider who reportedly revealed this information says that the new technology rocks. He/she goes on to say that the difference between a single-hovering device and a multi-hovering one is tremendous, and that it will change the user experience in a similar manner as the multi-touch screen did before.

Not sure what to think of this. The hovering technology used in the Galaxy S4 is nice but nothing too useful. That said, I’m not sure that 2-point input could improve much on this. Perhaps I’m wrong, though. We’ll have to wait and see.

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