Apple’s New iPad Air Ads Dive Underwater, Climb Mountains

Apple has released a few new iPad Air ads, both thirty second clips that feature the poetry of Walt Whitman at the ending. The ads showcase people using the iPad Air in myriad of ways, including snapping pictures and recording sound.

Apple’s “Your Verse” marketing pitch melds poetry with tablets, doing what Apple does best, lifestyle marketing.

The whole pitch of the new commercials puts a human face on Apple’s machine-like image, pushing iPads as devices that connect people, make music more vibrant and help educate people in far off and hard to reach locales.

Check out the commercials below.

via: Apple

  • Glen

    Ok, just went out and got the IPad Air, now where do I find this waterproof, underwater case I seen in the Ad, I dive alot and would love to take it with me… Help

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