A day with Google Glass explained with popular acronyms

A day with Google Glass explained with popular acronyms

Google Glass is an amazing technology that ushers the way to a new era of computing, one where you won’t have to look at your phone all the time. So we’re not surprised that folks all around the globe are amazed with the experience. Here, we’ll try to describe a day of using Google Glass with popular acronyms. It should be a fun read. 😉

So you got to use Google Glass. The second you start looking at that small screen, you’ll be like OMG, this is awesome. Folks around you will ask “WTF, are you wearing a Google Glass?” followed by a number of questions like “how it feels to wear smart glasses,” to which you’ll answer “IMHO, this is the future.”

You’ll be like GR8, talk with them for a couple of minutes before saying B4N (while they’ll be like FML for not having a pair of their own [Glass]).

Then you go to office. Your co-workers will yet again be inquiring about Google Glass and you will (again) respond to their numerous questions. Meanwhile, you can watch some funny clip, all while talking to them, and LOL your way around. Say BRB, and get back to your seat where you can enjoy NSFW content without worrying about being sued. BTW, you can also listen to music on your Google Glass – just say “Ok Google, play some Frank Sinatra for me.” Lovely, isn’t it? TTYL. 😉

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