iPhone 6 to have a 4.8-inch screen?

iPhone 6 to have a 4.8-inch screen?

The iPhone 6 rumors won’t stop until Cook & Co. officially announce their latest smartphone. Meanwhile, expect us to bring you new bits of information exploring what the next iPhone will be all about.

The latest rumor, brought to our attention by the good folks of AppleInsider, comes from Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, suggesting that the iPhone 6 will most certainly have a 4.8-inch display. Citing “checks” within Apple’s supply chain, he goes on to add that we should also expect “key software innovations” as part of the next iPhone announcement.

Among those are further enhancements to iBeacon, Touch ID and Passbook, helping Apple move in on the mobile payments universe even further. In addition, he suggests that the next iPhone will support Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity to make Wi-Fi data transfers even faster.

Finally, Arcuri mentions the 13-inch iPad Maxi or iPad Pro, saying that such device is indeed in development and that it will “blur the lines between tablets and PCs.”

We don’t care about super-big tablets, but we want a bigger iPhone. Heck, if Cupertino boys (and girls) do launch smartphone with a 4.8-inch screen I would be willing to switch platforms (from Android). And I’m sure I’m not the only one willing to do so. What do you say?

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