Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks PRISM, Sapphire and More in Tonight’s ABC News Interview

It’s the 30th anniversary of the first Macintosh’s release, and an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to air this evening on ABC News in honor of the anniversary. An excerpt form that interview appeared on Good Morning America this morning, in an effort to promote the interview, which airs tonight at 6:30PM Eastern on World News with Diane Sawyer. The excerpt finds Tim Cook defending his company against allegations of involvement in the NSA’s PRISM spying program.

In the excerpt, Cook reassures Americans that Apple has no backdoor dealings with the NSA, and that the shadowy government entity does not have backdoor access to Apple’s servers, which include piles of data on its users across the globe.

Here’s an excerpt from the upcoming ABC News interview with Tom Cook and journalist David Muir:

DAVID MUIR: “What is your biggest concern — with the surveillance program here in this country?”

TIM COOK: “I’ve been pushing very, very hard to open the books and be totally transparent. Much of what has been said isn’t true; there is no back door. The government doesn’t have access to our servers. They would have to cart us out in a box for that. And that just will not happen. We feel that — strongly about it. But I do want to be transparent, because I think transparency would help put everything in perspective.”

DAVID MUIR: “Do you think Americans, Tim, would be more at ease if you could tell them more?”

TIM COOK: “I do.”

Cook will have more to say on this issue and much more in his interview with ABC News, which will air tonight at 6:30PM ET. Make sure to tune in. In the meantime, the excerpt can be found below, as well as the Good Morning America clip from this morning.

via: MacRumors

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