Man Buys iPad, Gets a Ceramic Floor Tile Instead

Another day, another iPad scam. Cops in the Central Valley of California are warning residents of scam artists who are selling what seem like iPads, tablets, flat screen TV’s and other electronics in person, often on the street. The salesmen offer low prices, and coax the customer into thinking the item is legit. The scams are occurring in a town called Ceres, a city south of Modesto in Stanislaus County.

What bummed out purchasers are discovering is that the items are not at all electronic, but knockoffs made to look like the item being sold. iPads are actually floor tiles, and TV’s are actually painted pieces of wood. The boxes containing the fake merchandise include product logos and accessories all to make the item look legit. Yowza.

As you can tell from the images, the fraudulent items do resemble the real thing, if the item is not taken out of the box.

There you go folks. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But if you do decide to take a gamble and buy a cheap electronic device, at least take it out of the box first and inspect it.

via: sfgate

  • Patrick Hill

    Back in the late 80’s guys on the streets on NYC would try to sell you “brand new” vcr’s and camcorders still shrink wrapped in the box.. When you would open it, the box would be filled of newspaper…. It’s one of the oldest scams in the book. Once I met up with a bunch of friends and another friend came and was all excited he got a great deal on a camcorder.. We all told him he got hustled.. He opened the box, and sure enough.. Filled with Chinese newspaper..

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