iPhone getting SwiftKey keyboard, sort of

iPhone getting SwiftKey keyboard, sort of

While Apple still doesn’t allow third parties to tune into the iPhone’s keyboard on a platform level, some developers like Fleksy managed to cram their own software into other apps. This isn’t perfect solution but it works for some users.

SwiftKey noticed this and wanted to show off its powerful keyboard. So it’s apparently preparing (according to EVleaks) to launch an app called SwiftKey Note that will feature the popular Android keyboard.

Those of you who haven’t heard about it before should know that SwiftKey is by far the most-popular third-party keyboard app for Android. I would go even further saying it’s also the most powerful on-screen keyboard, and I honestly can’t imagine returning to some default solution. SwiftKey is that good, and it keeps getting better, learning the words and phrases you frequently use to improve its auto-correct and word-suggestion capabilities. I love it and I’m sure iPhone users will love it, as well.

As for that app, SwiftKey Note will have hard time competing with other note-taking apps like Evernote, but I guess the idea is different here – to showcase the technology and eventually build from there. We’ll see how that goes…

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