Motorola Knocking $100 off Moto X Sans Contract For One Hour Today, Sale Begins at 3PM EST

Haven’t gotten your Moto X yet? Today is a great time to pick one up off-contract. For one hour only from 3 to 4PM EST, Motorola will knock $100 off of your customized off-contract Moto X smartphone. You can even get wood with that, as Motorola’s wood backing options are now live and available for an extra $25.

That makes the 16GB Moto X $299.99, the 32GB Moto X $349.99 and the Moto X Developer Edition $349.99. Not a bad deal for a feature rich phone without the shackles of a two-year contract.

To help the sale go smoothly, Motorola will be giving out promotion codes from 3 to 4PM EST which will enable you to customize your device at your leisure, provided that occurs before the promo code expires. This helps everyone out, by assuring that Motorola’s servers aren’t overloaded, and that you can take your time designing your very own Moto X. After your masterpiece is finished, head to checkout and enter your promo code. It’s that easy.

It is possible to purchase multiple Moto X handsets with this promotion, but only one e-mail address can be used per promo code, so make sure you register with a different e-mail when trying to grab your second code. Only one code can be used per order, so make sure to create separate orders if using multiple promo codes.

So get ready folks! Head here at 3PM EST and get your fingers and wallets ready. In the meantime, take a minute and think about how you’re going to design your shiny new phone.

Good luck! And remember, if you miss this promotion, Motorola is offering a sweet deal which runs immediately following the one-hour sale and runs until Valentine’s Day, which gets you $70 off the Moto X. Aww, shucks!

via: Motorola

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