New Infamous: Second Son Trailer Gives A Glimpse Of The Game’s Creation

Infamous: Second Son is by far the most exciting game I’ve seen for the Sony PS4. We were more than anxious to get our hands on the game when we saw the launch trailer, but the March 21st date still seems so far off. Luckily, if you wanted to tug at your thumb’s heart-strings a bit more, the video below will show off how the game was made and more.

If you have yet to play the first two Infamous titles, you certainly won’t have to, but it will make the anticipation for Second Son all the more exciting. Take a look at the description of the game below:

From Wikipedia:

Second Son is set seven years after the good ending of Infamous 2, in which Cole MacGrath activated the Ray Field Inhibitor (RFI) to destroy a Conduit (superhumans named for their ability to “channel” powers) named John White, also known as the Beast. The explosion that resulted was originally thought to have killed all Conduits across the globe; however, those outside of the blast radius or with a natural resistance have survived. Fearing the Conduits’ abilities after the destruction of Empire City, the US eastern seaboard and the worldwide economy, the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) is formed. Now, major cities across the United States are heavily monitored for Conduit activity, whom the DUP have labeled collectively as “bio-terrorists”.

The game is set in Seattle, Washington, now under DUP jurisdiction. Players control Delsin Rowe (Troy Baker), a 24-year-old graffiti artist with no real direction in life. One day, Delsin witnesses a bus crash and attempts to help; in the process, he comes in contact with a Conduit, and his own hidden Conduit abilities awaken. With his new abilities and his older brother Reggie (Travis Willingham), a police officer, Delsin dedicates himself to fighting back against the oppressive DUP, as well as other Conduits such as Abigail “Fetch” Walker (Laura Bailey). In an interview, it was stated that for InFamous fans there would be a few familiar faces in the game, but it ‘would ruin the joy of discovering them’ to reveal exactly which known characters will be present in Second Son.

With significantly improved visuals and an all new hero/villain (your choice), the next chapter in the Infamous series looks like it will be very impressive. Not only that, just by the trailers we’ve seen, we’re willing to bet that Infamous: Second Son will do one of the best jobs at flexing the PS4’s graphics prowess. Infamous: Second Son should have been a PS4 launch title, no question.

Check out the video below, and mark your calendars!

[Via: Kotaku]

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